» Visiting Big Red, Birdsville, Qld, Australia

Visiting Big Red, Birdsville, Qld, Australia

Visiting Big Red, Birdsville, Qld, Australia

Birdsville, Qld, Australia

Located near the Diamantina River on the edge of the Simpson Desert in South Western Queensland, Australia, it might be called Birdsville because of the prolific bird life at times.


The local population is rather small and is given as 115 ±7000. There is both a large caravan park and 4 free camp sites. During the cooler months campers congregate here by their thousands as Birdsville is a popular gateway for traversing Australia. One might almost believe that all roads lead to Birdsville. The busiest week occurs in September when the Birdsville races takes place. Campers arrive in whatever transport is available to them – some people turn up in their airplanes and set up tent under the wing to stay a while. The sheer sizes of the farms(called stations) warrants flying to get around on the property as well as business trips. During the hot summer months the locals have the vast expanse to themselves.

Birdsville is a welcome oasis for the weary traveler but everything is not what it seems at first glance.


Birdsville lies atop the Great Arterial Basin which is an enormous system of caverns in the earth’s crust. This system is 2032 km long and 1450 km wide, making it one of the largest aquifers in the world. A large portion of the Great Arterial Basin is hot. Birdsville water supply comes from a bore sunk in 1961 to a depth of 1292 meter. The water is delivered to the surface under a natural pressure of 280 psi with a surface temperature of 98°C.


Water is stored in in these tanks for later use.


Waddi Trees (Acacia puece) are one of Australia’s rarest plants. They have spiky needle-like leaves and thick bark. The extreme hardness of the Waddi wood made them sought after for a number of uses by both Aboriginals and early settlers but they are now a protected species. They can be found on the fringe of the Simpson Desert.


Rock (maybe Cinder) can be found strewn over very large areas.


Big Red (one of many) is a famous dune regularly visited. The yearly Big Bash (a country concert) is held here.


Big Bash reveler camp at Big Red.



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